Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Something old, something new! Giant cupcakes for you two!

This wedding season has introduced me to some truly fun and lovely couples. Marcel and Jennifer are no exception...if not the nicest and funnest! I met them a year ago in our Riverbend location and when we talked about their wedding cake they were looking for something totally unique to them. I think we started out by designing vintage suitcases for them because of their love for travel. What they ended up with was 4 giant themed cupcakes! How? Because they're that fun!

Their memorable day was captured by Candice from Popik Photography. You should totally check out her website! Beautiful photography. Ken and I were out and about doing deliveries all day that Saturday, but managed to catch the couple in the studio taking some fun photos. You can see more of their photos on the Popik Photography Blog!

Congratulations again, you two! Thanks for sharing your wedding day with us.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Fondant Class!

It's a great Sunday when you get to see
cakes go from these ........................

.................................to these beauties!

It was a chilly Sunday morning today, but I got to spend the afternoon with some very fun and talented ladies. I typically only take 6 students max, but I got a last minute request to squeeze in two more students. My baker twisted my arm and said that I could do it. So I said yes! For some students, it was their very first time decorating cakes and for most it was their first time using fondant. Some ladies got covered in buttercream, some went home with multicolored hands but everyone, including myself, had a good afternoon sharing and learning.

Teaching classes always reminds me how much I loved being a teacher...and how much I love cake decorating. I went into this business because I enjoyed designing cakes and wanted to share my designs with people and also share "how" to make cakes! These ladies didn't know this coming in to my class today, but they revived me in a sense! So, thank you for seeing the hard work that goes into the cakes we make and for having fun creating them!

Hard at work designing their first fondant cake!

A couple hours spent on trial and error and details....it's all in the details.

Oops...I forgot to give the warning about food coloring!
I mentioned it AFTER they started coloring fondant.
So they went home with hot pink hands!

Proud of their UNIQUE cakes! I was proud too!

I love seeing people's creativity come out when they start playing with fondant. Cake decorating is not always easy, but when you allow us to use our imaginations, you sure help us make the job more fun! You should really try it sometime...fall and winter classes will be posted on our site this week!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Angela + Danny - Oasis Banquet Centre

I'm a little behind (okay a lot) on blogging about wedding creations from this summer, so be prepared to be bombarded in the next few weeks with photos of summer weddings. I've been lucky to be able to create some serious one of a kind wedding cakes for wonderful clients. It's always the best when clients come to me because they like my style and allow me to design a truly one-of-a-kind cake for their special day.

Angela is the co-owner of Jilly's in Edmonton and when she called me to say she was getting married, I knew right away the cake had to be super unique, sophisticated and high style...needless to say, I was thrilled when she called. She requested the cake have a little bit of lace texture, large peonies, gold scrolling and pearls...I happily did a couple of sketches for the couple and voila!

Their wedding was photographed by the awesome and talented Kenneth and Elaine from Just Married Photography...I swiped these photos from their fantastic Blog where more of their gorgeous images can be seen.

Congratulations, Angela and Danny!

Cute Cupcake Stands

Not only is the Whimsical blog to share what we've been up to! I'd also like to share some fun stuff that I find along the way! Although our main focus has always been on custom designer cakes, cupcakes have always been a big part of our business! I like to keep on top of what's new in the cupcake world and just had to share these cute stands with y'all.

Like these cute little paper stands from Hello Hanna:

And these beauties from Rosanna Inc. They also have several lovely cake stands that I just have to have:

And these lovely hand crafted stands I found on Etsy...I wish I took up pottery!

I feel a random draw for mini cupcake stands coming on...to be entered to win a package of stands by Hello Hanna, just leave a comment on our blog about how you'd use the stands and we'll randomly select a winner after September long weekend!

Send us an email and we can get you your stands!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Giant Cupcake-Cake

Q: Do you make cupcake cakes?

A: uh...NO! I most definitely do not...and will not put cupcakes together on a cake board to look like a cake. YUCK! We happily leave that to your local grocery store. We totally agree with Jen from Cakewrecks when she blogged, "Cupcake cakes: Always Wrecktastic. Always".

So, our cooler alternative is to make a GIANT Cupcake! These bad boys are cut like a cake and will serve about 15 peole...or 20+ at our family events...and up to 30 (so we heard from one client)!

See what we've created out of a gigantic cupcake.

Some 3D giant cupcakes we created that are no longer recognizable as cupcakes:

Did I mention that we much prefer these to individual themed cupcakes.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kenna's Carnival Sneak Peek

Phew! I am still recovering from the World's Best 1st Birthday party EVER...and now heading into the next 3 busiest weekends for weddings this summer. I don't have much time to blog about the carnival, but rest assured, I will blog EXTENSIVELY about it in the next few weeks. For now, here's a little taste.

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and everything was amazing! We had carnival games, a petting zoo, face painting, balloon animal making, a photo booth,cotton candy and popcorn machine a giant bouncy castle, a hot dog vendor (Fat Franks no less) and the wonderfully talented Buffy Goodman to capture the memories...I can't wait to see her photos! YAY! The only thing missing? Baby elephants stomping around the yard...oh and the ferris wheel I searched high and low for to rent...yes, the backyard was big enough for such fun! Oh well, next time!

Poster design, invitations (which I'll post in greater detail when I blog about it again), and dessert table stationary-created by my very favourite designer, Jenelle from Pink Polka.

It's definitely not a Whimsical Party without a sweet table...
here's just a teeny tiny peek for you!

Bet you're dying to see more! It'll be all worth the wait....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Christmas in November...in Jasper!

This summer, I received an exciting invitation to Christmas in November held at the beautiful Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. It was an invitation to teach cake decorating sessions to guests who book weekend or mid-week trips for this special event.

Before I did my research on the event, my first thought was, uh-oh...how could I leave Kenna for 9 days!? I would miss her terribly. Then I thought, well perhaps she could come along and Ken and her could play around Jasper while I taught. Yes! The perfect solution.

Very cool. But wait!!!! Who else holds sessions during the event? I was nervous and even more excited to find out that Food Network Canada's stars, Michael Smith from the "Chef at Home" and Anna Olson, host of "Sugar" were also presenters. Yikes! I'd have to come up with something spectacular to present just so people would sign up for my sessions! haha.

It was decided that I could put together a fresh winter themed dessert table and demonstrate how to make mini cakes, our delicious cake truffles and my new favourite treat...coconut macaroons....although there may not be time to demo it, I will also have on display a new cupcake flavour (that we'll share in the studio this fall)!!!

If attending something like this is your cupcake and tea (lol), you should definitely check out their FABULOUS website here. The entire event looks like it would be fabulous. I can't wait to report back this fall about how it all goes. Stay tuned!!!