Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sex and the City 2

We get to work with such fun people on fun events! And when we got the opportunity to promote SATC 2 and our cupcakes...we wouldn't say no! We love Carrie and the girls!

We are offering some fun cupcakes decorated with mulitcolored "Manolo" chocolates to celebrate the upcoming movie. When you purchase 6 regular sized cupcakes ($21) or 12 mini cupcakes ($24) you will get a SATC 2 Martini/Cosmo glass and a black tshirt that says, "get carried away...again" courtesy of Warner Bros. Canada. So fun! We have a limited number of giveaways, so place your order soon!

Also, there is a fun event happening this Saturday May 22 at Fluid Lounge. When you buy Carrie's Cosmopolitan drink you get a free cupcake (while quantities last). There will also be a fashion show and some great prizes including movie passes!!!

I can't wait for this movie!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bon Appetit!

"Is there anything better than butter? Think it over, any time you taste something that's delicious beyond imagining and you say 'what's in this?' the answer is always going to be butter. The day there is a meteorite rushing toward Earth and we have thirty days to live, I am going to spend it eating butter. Here is my final word on the subject, you can never have too much butter." Julie Powell.

We love creating cakes to your specific requests, but when we get to play and make cakes EXACTLY the way we is even more fun :) This year's theme for the Edmonton Public Library's Books2Eat event was Books to Movies. It was a tricky choice between Julie and Julia and the Shopaholic series. In the end, we had decided that we have created waaaay too many purses, stilettos, Tiffany boxes etc that we wanted a change. So, Julie and Julia came to fruition.
I had never seen the movie so I needed to do some research. Both our other designers, Aislinn and Heater had seen and loved the movie so they were already dreaming up some ideas. Honestly, it took me 3 tries to watch the movie, but when I finally watched it, I thought it was quite cute.

Here are some great shots of our AWARD WINNING was the People's Choice! Let me brag just a teeny bit here...the girls did me proud. They worked on this cake only a few hours at a time making little things here and there during a super busy work week and only put it all together and detailed the cake hours before it was to be delivered...and it looked AMAZING! I'm seriously so lucky to work with fun and talented gals. Not to mention that who ever bid on that cake and got to take it home will have a super YUMMO cake baked by our baker, Albert!

Aislinn and Heather putting their wonderfully hand crafted cakes and fondant pieces together...
The details: 3 books, mushrooms, asparagus, poached egg, egg shells, Julia's pearls and of course bricks of BUTTER...



Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day just means a little more to me this year as it's my first one as a mommy!
I'm so excited to share this day with my mom & my 9 month old baby girl, Kenna Adeline.Mother's Day is Sunday May 9, 2010.
Make your Mum/Mom's special day a little sweeter by showing her your sweet side!

We have a couple of extra special designs for Mother's Day this year.
Advance orders will be taken until 7pm on Thursday May 6th for Saturday pick up.

  • Cupcake flower bouquet $25
  • Hydrangea flower cake: small serves ~8 for $25; large serves ~15 for $50
  • *Mom Heart Tattoo Cookies $3.75 each
*(cookies will also be available in store Thursday onwards while quantities last)

Please call or visit the studio to place your order. Hope you all have an extra sweet Mother's Day!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cookies make any rainy day sunny!

I'm a little exhausted (...a little...) working 7 days a week now and then going home with only a few hours to play with Kenna...we need a HOLIDAY! But alas, wedding season is now upon us so a holiday will have to wait. Perhaps a mini-break soon? I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I am, however, happy to blog that teaching classes on Sundays is always refreshing and fun for me! I enjoy meeting people with similar interests and a passion for learning what we do here in the studio. I especially love the cookie class because of the yummy smell that sugar cookies infuse the air with (sooo yummy). Here are a few shots of the cookie bouquets we created today! Lovely job ladies!

Wonky Cake Class

I love topsy turvy cakes because they are all unique. Even more so, I really enjoyed teaching this class! It was wonderful to see everyone leave with totally different designs.
Here are the talented ladies with their beautiful cakes...that really do look like they're going to tip over (but I promise they were safe and secure).