Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I totally thought Mother's Day was on May 15th this year! OOOPS!  This is why this post is so super late. My bad...


We've got some pretty cute sweets available for pre-order this year.

 The mini Purse Cake will serve up to 6 and is $95; 
mini Flower Pot cake will serve up to 5 and is $55. 
Please call ahead to place an order.


Our popular Hydrangea cupcakes will also be available in packs of 6 ($21) or 12 ($42). These will be available in various cake flavours and decorated with our signature vanilla buttercream. Though we will have some packs available on Saturday, advance orders are recommended to avoid disappointment.


Back this year are our MOM Tattoo Sugar Cookies! These were a hit last year and definitely a sweet treat for the "bad to the bone" Mama in your life!  Cookies will be available in the store front starting Tuesday May 3th until we sell out.  Advance orders are also suggested.  $4 each.

As always, we are pleased to create a customized cake for your Mum!  Kindly give us a call and we'd be happy to help you with a personalized cake or cupcake order.

Whimsical Cake Studio Inc.
8716-109 Street, Edmonton AB
780.988.CAKE (2253)

Whimsical's Seussical Cakes

Sorry for the absence of cake blogs...2011 has been a whirl wind so far.  I do promise to blog more of our cakes, especially since our wedding season will be in full swing in a few weeks....buuuuut, before that, I am heading out on holidays to spend time with my family and just to GET AWAY from cakes before this summer.

In the meantime, here are a couple of recent cakes we've created. 

First up is Dr. Seuss.  Can you believe that I will have been making cakes for 6 years this summer and this is the FIRST time someone has ordered a full on Dr. Seuss "Cat in the Hat" cake from us.  It's crazy!
...and both these cakes went to the same lucky girl who was celebrating her big 1st Birthday!

The 3 tier has 1 Fish, 2 Fish on the back as well.  We will upload video of both these cakes when we return from holidays!

Here's something cute...sorta.  A cake of a baby's bottom!

 Classic Hello Kitty.  I am trying to find a way to make her head giantic and her body smaller...without her head rolling off. That would be a nightmare if it rolled off onto some kid's lap!

And finally, the most challenging cake of all...castle cakes.  This super nice client actually called us after she picked up the cake to say the towers fell off. Quickly I got the biggest badest migrane ever.  Ken picked the cake up so I could "repair" it.  I suddenly had to become super human resourceful to come up with a way so the towers would not topple over on her 2+ hour drive out of the city!  Eek!

I have learned my lesson...BIG TIME!  Never take castle cakes again...kidding.  Supports, supports and more supports!
The Birthday girl came to pickup her cake that night and she was so cute I just had to make this cake work for her!

...and sometimes it feels like we're more like a vehicle detail shop rather than a cake shop. Aislinn has fast become our car sculptor and detailer. It feels like she's working on cars or even a couple of cars every other week. Crazy...but look how awesome her skills have gotten!

So, until next time..."keep fit and have fun"! 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cupcake Anatomy!

Sorry for the lack of blogging this has been a CRAZY whirlwind this month for us.  I do have some fun cakes to update you with, but will need to pull those out of the memory card, so hold tight for that.

For now, here is a fun post I wanted to share with you! My cousin Franny (who is my cover model for the website) sent me this fun link!

There's even a fun video of how they came up with this print! 

Anatomy of a Cupcake created by Allen Hemberger and Sarah Wilson

It has inspired me to put one together for a cake! Yes....I think I will start sketching some ideas for the Anatomy of a Whimsical Cake! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Be our Valentine!

Whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day or not...YOU DESERVE A SWEET TREAT!

On Valentine's Monday the studio will be open from 10am to 6pm. make sure you get your sweets, be sure to PRE-ORDER and we'll have them all boxed and ready for you to pick up.  Below are just some of the goodies we'll have available for preorder and in store in Monday February 14th. 

A little bite of Heaven
Red Velvet Pillow cakes filled with dreamy goodness 
(aka our creamcheese buttercream)
Cute gift boxes of 4 for $8 
(or order as many as you want...these are heavenly)

A little bite of something Sinfully Sweet
Chocolate brownies Hearts dipped in chocolate ganache 6 for $10.50

Kisses and more Kisses...give and you shall receive!
Our signature chocolate cake truffle shaped like Chocolate Kisses 6 for $10

For the chic vintage Valentine
Old school edible Valentine's on our almost famous vanilla sugar cookies $4each

Talking Hearts
We love those cute conversation heart candies and sugar cookies...put them together and you get 
Talking Lollis! $3.50 each
*We've also got an assortment of Valentine Themed sugar cookies in the studio.

Nothing says I love Cupcakes, I mean YOU, like a JUMBO Cupcake! 
Available in Red Velvet, Chocolate or Strawberry frosted with our chocolate ganache and the word 
$7 each packed in a nice little box for gifting.

Custom cupcakes for your sweetheart
comes in a box of 6 ready to give with 2 sugar cookies and fondant decorations $25; or a box of 12 for $45.
*Our regular cupcake flavours in the store front will also be decorate with Valentine themed candies on them as well and will be $2.75 each $33/dozen)
For a bigger CrowdOur little gift boxes are always a hit!  They'll serve 10 easily (18 if I'm cutting the slices!) $45


All orders will be packaged in our pink and brown reusable bag.   

Advanced orders are accepted in the studio at 8716-109 Street or by phone 780-988-CAKE (2253)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whimsical Cakes brought to you by the Letter P!

We often find funny things happen with orders at the studio.  Some weekends our cooler is full of transportation themes: trains, cars, trucks, motorbikes, airplanes.

This Friday, the cooler was full of characters: Elmo, Barney, Cinderella, Hello Kitty, etc.  Here are a couple of cakes from last week.

Aislinn did a BANG up job on this NEMO themed cake.

Barney on the other hand gave us some headaches...but turned out great.

McQueen was pretty sweet too!

Saturday's theme was cakes that started with the Letter P!

First we made this cute little PUG!
Then we made this PIANO!

And we made this PURSE!
And finally a cute bottle of nail POLISH!

Oh the fun!  Thanks for looking!

Sweet Deals for 2011 Weddings!

I am excited for 2011 weddings!  Already, with the couples I have met with, we are looking at creating some unique cakes...I can't wait to share them with you.  I just wanted to post real quick about our Wedding Specials for 2011.  If you are getting married this year or know someone who is, feel free to share this information with them.  The deal is only for weddings booked by February 10th, so call us for a consultation or come by the studio to check us out!

If you are looking to have a Cupcake Tower, book your wedding Cupcakes by February 10th and the stand rental is FREE ($60-$80 value).  
Conditions are: Wedding has to be in Edmonton; One stand per wedding as we have limited stands per weekend; Must be returned the Monday following the event; Minimum of 8 dozen with a 6" cake on the top (as that is what the stands will hold). 

If you are looking to have a Wedding cake designed, we will give you a credit for a FREE 6" round or square cake to celebrate your 1st Wedding Anniversary ($60-$80 value). This way, you don't have to eat a cake that has been frozen for a year! You get a nice fresh cake for your anniversary.
Condition: credit given to 3 tier wedding cake orders; client must order Anniversary cake 2 weeks in advance.

Sweet tables or dessert bars are always a sweet addition to your wedding cake or cupcake tower. We are offering 15% off our Dessert Bar orders. Sweets that are available: custom sugar cookies, assorted cookies, macarons, coconut macaroons, filled meringue kisses, cake truffles, chocolate/caramel dipped pretzels, mini cupcakes, marshmallows, chocolates, chocolate dipped oreos, cake shots, mini or heart shaped brownies, and more.
Conditions: Wedding has to be in Edmonton; Stands must be returned the Monday following the event; Minimum product order of $250. 

For samples of our dessert bars, please visit our Styling page.

I would love to discuss your wedding with you in more detail. Please don't hesitate to call or visit us in the studio. I look forward to adding a little sweetness to your special day!

Happy Planning!