Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Smash the Cake!

Ken and I met Shannon Ferdinand while we were going through our baby course at the Royal Alex two Springs ago...turns out I went to highschool with her hubby Brian...small world!

Shannon is another of our wonderful new photographer friends..she is the principal photographer of SMF Refelctions! She will soon be offering SMASH the CAKE sessions to her clients and we are so pleased to partner up with her for such a fun deal. Her test subjects were none other of course then her little boy, who turned one at the end of July, and our little Kenna who is turning 1 next weekend! They were both preterm babies and look at 'em now...stepping all over cakes!

Kenna preferred to smash her cake by stepping on it rather than using her hands...after all, if you're going to play with your food....

Can't believe our little cupcake is turning 1!

Please check out Shannon's website; blog and join her facebook group as she is going to be giving away a photoshoot to the person who sends the most referrals her way once she reaches 500 fans! She recently asked people to describe her style...I would say some of her photos are shabby chic vintage (which I lo-lo-love) but at the same time timeless. She captures great moments that make you feel like you were part of that moment in time.

This is one of my favourite photos from Shannon's site.

Tangible Moments

Last Friday, we got a visit from Maureen of Tangible Moments Photography. She's a lovely local Photographer and came in to photograph the shop and some of our cakes. Her photos speak for themselves. Ken was super impressed by the fact that she didn't bring any fancy gadgets to light up the space for her photos...if you knew Ken, you'd know that he brings light stands EVERYWHERE!!! Please have a look at the rest of her beautiful photos on her website and give her a shout if you are looking to have family photos done! Maureen has an organic style and prefers to catch "tangible moments".

Honestly...I should really be more prepared when photographers come into the studio...this is what I look like after decorating 3 wedding cakes! Exhausted...and probably laughing at the fact that I couldn't afford to take this break, but did anyways.

Below are some of the photos she took of our work. Thanks again, Mau...we look forward to working with you again!

It's never a complete weekend without designing some sort of purse cake.

Lime...loving it this summer!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Style Me Pretty

We're super excited to annouce that we are now part of the Little Black Book on Style Me Pretty. After telling Ken one night how awesome this website is, I got an exclusive invitation to join their site the very next morning! If you have never visited the Style Me Pretty (SMP) blog, you simply MUST! The ideas that Abby and her team come up with and the inspiration that flows through from that entire website is always stunning! You can check out our link here...Ken will be updating our portfolio on their site with our newest and most unique wedding cakes!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zoo Fest 2010

Ken and I attended Zoo Fest last Saturday, not really knowing what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised and it was a great night! Zoo Fest is fundraiser held at the Edmonton Valley Zoo...for the Zoo of course. Basically, it's a night where the guests get to walk around the park, meet some of the animals up close and eat some good food donated by vendors across the city. We were invited to be a vendor and we're so glad we said yes. We met a lot of great people that night and it was also great to see some familiar faces supporting such a great cause.

While I was walking around (looking for the gumbo and Beer with raspberries in it, yum!) I bumped into a volunteer holding an owl. A huge was beautiful! I have never seen one so close...of course, Ken had the no photo of the lovely creature.

But here is the massive Tortoise that was being rolled around!

Lucy the talented painting Elephant...I think her paintings sell more than our cakes...Uh...seriously? She should try decorating a cake! LOL
We offered almost all of our cupcake flavours and our super popular chocolate cake truffles.

The Siberian Tiger was eying Kenna from a far and when we got near it was jumping up and down. I looked this beat straight in the eyes...mesmerizing! Here he is staring down my you can see, she looks so scared! haha!

Delicious coconut bubble tea with mango stars from the TEA PLACE...mmm... one told me there was a restaurant just for fondue in the city. Crazy!

My parents brought Kenna near the end of the event and we got to walk around the zoo with her...she loved schmoozing with people as if she was hosting the we are walking out of the park all tuckered out from a long day.
I would suggest attending next year's Zoo fest. It would make a great date night with your sweetie.