Sunday, June 27, 2010

Loving the Lime!

Back in April when we had our grand opening, the biggest prize was for a dessert buffet! The winner gave her prize as a gift to her friend as a bridal shower gift! What an awesome friend you are Elizabeth. Hope you and the girls had a great evening...along with a sugar buzz, I'm sure!

The Bride-to-be allowed me to design whatever desserts I wanted. She just gave me the color of lime green to go with and the rest was up to me. Bless her for allowing me to have some fun for a unique table for her and her girl friends.

Enjoy the eye candy, but please excuse my official photographer (Ken) was doing my wedding setups so I had to borrow my mom's point and shoot! haha.

Custom sugar cookies "future Mrs"

Lime meringue cookies

Marshmallow chocolate cups

Chocolate cream cheese truffles

Vanilla skor cake & chocolate raspberry cake


  1. Kick A**! You have me salivating hun! The green theme rocks - I love it when the client lets you decide :o)

  2. Very pretty cake!! I love the design!