Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tangible Moments

Last Friday, we got a visit from Maureen of Tangible Moments Photography. She's a lovely local Photographer and came in to photograph the shop and some of our cakes. Her photos speak for themselves. Ken was super impressed by the fact that she didn't bring any fancy gadgets to light up the space for her photos...if you knew Ken, you'd know that he brings light stands EVERYWHERE!!! Please have a look at the rest of her beautiful photos on her website and give her a shout if you are looking to have family photos done! Maureen has an organic style and prefers to catch "tangible moments".

Honestly...I should really be more prepared when photographers come into the studio...this is what I look like after decorating 3 wedding cakes! Exhausted...and probably laughing at the fact that I couldn't afford to take this break, but did anyways.

Below are some of the photos she took of our work. Thanks again, Mau...we look forward to working with you again!

It's never a complete weekend without designing some sort of purse cake.

Lime...loving it this summer!

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