Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whimsical Cakes brought to you by the Letter P!

We often find funny things happen with orders at the studio.  Some weekends our cooler is full of transportation themes: trains, cars, trucks, motorbikes, airplanes.

This Friday, the cooler was full of characters: Elmo, Barney, Cinderella, Hello Kitty, etc.  Here are a couple of cakes from last week.

Aislinn did a BANG up job on this NEMO themed cake.

Barney on the other hand gave us some headaches...but turned out great.

McQueen was pretty sweet too!

Saturday's theme was cakes that started with the Letter P!

First we made this cute little PUG!
Then we made this PIANO!

And we made this PURSE!
And finally a cute bottle of nail POLISH!

Oh the fun!  Thanks for looking!

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