Monday, August 9, 2010

Christmas in Jasper!

This summer, I received an exciting invitation to Christmas in November held at the beautiful Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. It was an invitation to teach cake decorating sessions to guests who book weekend or mid-week trips for this special event.

Before I did my research on the event, my first thought was, could I leave Kenna for 9 days!? I would miss her terribly. Then I thought, well perhaps she could come along and Ken and her could play around Jasper while I taught. Yes! The perfect solution.

Very cool. But wait!!!! Who else holds sessions during the event? I was nervous and even more excited to find out that Food Network Canada's stars, Michael Smith from the "Chef at Home" and Anna Olson, host of "Sugar" were also presenters. Yikes! I'd have to come up with something spectacular to present just so people would sign up for my sessions! haha.

It was decided that I could put together a fresh winter themed dessert table and demonstrate how to make mini cakes, our delicious cake truffles and my new favourite treat...coconut macaroons....although there may not be time to demo it, I will also have on display a new cupcake flavour (that we'll share in the studio this fall)!!!

If attending something like this is your cupcake and tea (lol), you should definitely check out their FABULOUS website here. The entire event looks like it would be fabulous. I can't wait to report back this fall about how it all goes. Stay tuned!!!

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