Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mini Cakes

Mini cakes have a double purpose...they make the perfect unique wedding dessert and can also serve as a sweet wedding favour. When displayed, these little cakes always make a huge impact. Clients are always shocked to learn that mini cakes can cost so much more than one large wedding cake. It's simply because they do take a lot of's like decorating one cake over and over! So, when you ask cake designers "if we buy more does it cost less?" The answer you will more than likely get is, "not in the case of the mini cakes." However, if you consider using the little sweets as thank you favours for your guests as well, then they are truly worth the cost.

Here are 60 (plus a couple extra) little box cakes we did this weekend for Lance and Shannon.
Congratulations you two! It's been a pleasure working with you.

And for something more unique and oh so chic...
80 Mini brownie cakes we created for Jenelle of Pink Polka Design!
Congratulations J&T! Can't wait to share your wedding photos from the our studio!
(Our brownies photographed from Nuance Occasions)

Mini's a LOVE and HATE relationship sometimes...but mostly LOVE!

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