Friday, October 22, 2010

Mini Dessert Tables

Ken and I had a great time at Bridal Expo this year! Cheers to Katherine (from Elegant Touches and her Bridal Expo Edmonton team) for a wonderful show!

We decided it was high time to showcase more than just our cakes. We created 3 mini dessert tables for future brides to drool over! Sorry for the bad quality photos...Ken didn't have his super awesome lighting gear with him (surprisingly)...but the sweets are still eye candy...

Love + Cake + Buttons = super cool!

The cake shots were SUPER glad we decided to bring those this year.

Vintage Bollywood
A new favourite. I love stenciling in romantic!
Mini desserts: matching sugar cookies; petit fours; and mac pops.

Cupcakes + brown + pink...still HOT!
This fun little two tiered cake is the perfect topper for a cupcake tower.
My new favourite dessert table item: chocolate covered Oreos (also great as favours)

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