Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween is so much fun for the kids!  Now that we have one, it's a great excuse to have a Halloween party!
My little wicked witch!
Busted!  Sneaking candy from her cousin's pile!

Ken and I played hooky from work this Saturday and decorated the backyard with a mini-spooky scene for a Halloween party! The weather so nice, the kids actually got to play Thankful for nice weather!!!

Super Sweet Brenna!

Super-Ghyan with mama!

Silas and Dilly...chubby bums!

Mr. Shandro the monkey
Ken and his magic with flashes to make it look was actually bright blue sky when he took this photo!

Santos Characters

Queen Rian and Princess Izzaboo

And inside....SWEETS and TREATS galore!

The shop was also bustling with Halloween themed cake and cupcake orders.  In the past 3+ years, we don't remember getting so many Halloween requests, but we loved it!  Here are just a few we did up for the weekend. 

Cool Graveyard scene put together by Brenna, Heather and Aislinn.

Add caption
we added cute little angel wings to this giant cupake before it got picked up.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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