Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grand Opening!

Wow! I wish I took a photo of our sample table. On Saturday we gave out samples of our black and white skor cake; black and white raspberry cake; brookies and chocolate cake truffles (which were the hit of the party)! But, here are the boys handing out our cake lollipops on the sidewalk!
We can't thank you all enough for your support and excitement about the new space. It is always wonderful to see familiar faces and to be able to meet so many new people! The clientele at Garneau has been amazing. We are so pleasantly overwhelmed by the warm welcome from the neighbourhood. So far, we're loving Garneau.

Here we are with our staff (and our boss, baby Kenna)! I'm so blessed to have a wonderful family who help us out and help grow our business. This is a ridiculously fun group of people to be around on a daily basis and I thank them for putting up with my mini (and sometimes not so mini) dramas (which may or may not be cake related)!!! We always say that we're ready for our own daytime drama...more on that VERY SOON...

A big shout out to my mom (Ofelia) and dad (Arturo) who many of our market customers know. From the get go of Whimsical, they have helped in every aspect...whether it be icing cupcakes, washing dishes (oh so many dishes), mopping floors, greet customers, standing in the cold on some market days and being stellar grandparents to Kenna on a daily basis. Without them I would be a total mess!!!

Here is another picture of mom and dad that I sneaked from Sharon's blog: Only Here for the Food.

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