Friday, April 23, 2010

Styling Sweets!

Sometimes we get time to work on wonderfully sweet side projects...we get to play with desserts other than cakes and cupcakes (though they are never ignored) and get to put together cute little displays.
I decided that we should offer these to clients, if you are hosting an occasion and want something fun, just ask and we'd love to theme something for you!

These were from our baby shower sweet table that I put together last August (just 4 days before our baby Kenna was born)! We knew we were having a girl, hence all the PINK!
The table included mini cupcakes, sugar cookie onsies, chocolate cake truffles, strawberries, cherries, assorted candies, cream puffs and pink coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate.

This table was created for Kenna's Christening in September. The lavender cake was our centerpiece. Guest Favour were ceramic baby carriages filled with yogurt raisins. Also on the table: mini vanilla sandwich cookies, coconut cupcakes, vanilla meringue cookies, white chocolate pretzels, white chocolate almonds, a Filipino rice and coconut dessert and cross shaped sugar cookies.

For her first Halloween, we invited some of our friends and family and they got to enjoy some creepy Halloween eats! (Yes, Kenna was only 2 1/2 months old and couldn't eat sweets..still can't...but her friends and cousins could!) Her costume was from a hand sewn costum of Max from Where the Wild Things Are.
We made candied apples, skeleton sugar cookies, red velvet sandwich cookies, creepy cupcakes, assorted cookies, candies and chocolates and a giant cupcake centerpiece cake.

Stay tuned for more! Just think, our little Kenna will be 1 year old in a few months...just image what that sweet table will look like!!!! I have so many ideas I don't even know how I will choose!

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