Friday, April 23, 2010

What a Girl Wants

This was the 4th year of What a Girl Wants (a fabulous fundraiser for the Lois Hole Women's Hospital). This year's theme was your inner shopaholic, so we decided this year's dessert stage should be fashion inspired. It's always been fun creating the dessert tables for this event...this year was the best so far! Shout out to our friend Katherine (owner of Elegant Touches) for allowing me to use her wares to display our goodies on...the fabulous feather balls are also from ET.

Our Lady Gaga inspired cake table included chocolate mousse shooter cups, vanilla meringue kisses, chocolate and coconut mini cupcakes.

Purple is a big colour this second table was inspired from the Red Carpet. A Givenchy creation worn by Zoe Saldana. On this table: vanilla bean macarons, lollipop black and white raspberry cake, mini chocolate chip brownies, Callebaut chocolate chunk cookies, chocolate cake truffle pops, white chocolate mousse cherry shots.

Here are few other randon sweets we created: purse and stiletto sugar cookies, petit fours (made by our creative intern MP, chocolate macrons, mini cupcakes and more chocolate cake truffle pops.

It was sweet sugar coma for all who attended!!!


  1. Hi, I just wanted to pop in and say hi - thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog. I sent you an email with all the chair info. I hope you like how they turned out. I am a total chocohaulic and almost died when i saw the above goodies. Yumm! I'm gonna have to come visit your store very soon!!

    Come back and visit anytime!

  2. I have been admiring your store website for quite sometime now and noticed you had a blog too! Come check mine out sometime, I've been a WMI for seven months now and have been making cakes 4ever. I love your work and would love your feedback on mine :o) River City Treats ( my blog :o)

  3. Hi Katrina!

    Nice to meet a fellow cake designer! Will definitely check out your blog...I'm just a baby in the blog world-can't imagine why I didn't do this much sooner!!


  4. Love your creations, they look delicious. I just recently attempted to make cake pops (a la bakerella) and I must say.....yours look better. I will leave the baking to the experts!