Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gaga Ooh-la-la!

We took our staff out on Tuesday night to enjoy the show at Cake Walk this year! The stage performance was by Guys in Disguise and WOW are they hilariously TALENTED! You had to be there to see them do their thing.  Here's a clip from some of our favorites of the night (if you hear boys cheering in the background, that would be Ken and Albert)!

This year, our Diva was lady Gaga. Ais and I, along with our talented team, created a wild lady gaga set. Check out the awesomeness...
Bubble Dress!

Scary Hat!

Controversial MEAT dress (made from fondant, not real meat, you're welcome)!

All cake, sugar, icing and fondant!  You could eat every piece on these cakes.

Here we are having a good time!  Poor Eddie missed it because he had classes in the a.m. and Heather was wandering around all night, she missed our photo.
...Before the wine!

...winning our cake!  Don't worry, we donated back to the Center for the artists to enjoy!

With Gaga (Justyne Time) and our Team Sponsor, Orville (owner of Avenue Magazine).

OMG! Lady GAGA up close!

Baby Googoo-Gaga (Kenna) with her Uncle Ambet!

My AWESOME team: Kenny, Albert, MP,  Brenna & Ais. Eddie and Heather were M.I.A.

We love being able to create fun cakes like this for A GOOD CAUSE! Makes our jobs Fun fun fun!

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