Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas in November PART I

The Gorgeous view from our room! Photo taken by Ken and he's pretty damn proud of this shot!
Where to begin!  Ken and I got invited over the summer to participate in Christmas in November at the Jasper Park Lodge.  The Edmonton Journal and the lodge host packages where guests can join seminars to watch and learn from folks like Chef Michael Smith, Anna and Michael Oslon and Bal Arneson.
2010 Christmas in November Presenters.  Yes, that is Kenna...she has become quite popular here!

Could it be?  Could I be the next food network star! HAHA.  Yah right...but so far it has been a blast teaching guests cake decorating.  Next week, I will have a a couple minutes to sneak some time in with some of the wonderful presenters here.  Ken and I will be posting photos of the presentations we get to see. It's so difficult to decide which presenters I can sneak into my schedule as we have heard rave reviews from many guests!

Mama and Kenna with Bal Arneson. She's a beautiful lady and guests are loving her Indian Food sessions.

These ladies have been attending Christmas in November for 5 years now!  What a great tradition.

Christmas Carolling with Chef Michael Smith as the choir director!

First on my list to attend will be Bikini Boot Camp inc. with Lindsay and Dawn.  SERIOUSLY!  With all the food we have been spoiled with so far, it's the LEAST I can do for myself.  The chef's at JPL are simply amazing. In fact, everyone here has been so kind and helpful.

...and because Christmas in November involves so much delicious and delectable is some FOOD for THOUGHT!  Don't worry, we're hitting the gym for sure. HAHA
mini chocolate cheesecakes

Bison Meat

Ham from Sunday Brunch

Kenna loved the mango smoothie for brunch.

 The Main from the Gala Dinner: BC Sable fish and Spring Creek organic Beef Tenderloin. The fish was absolutely DIVINE!

Sour Cherry chocolate mousse with shaved ice mint (REFESHED)!


  1. wow! looks amazing Ailynn... very, very cool!

  2. Loved your session! You should try to hit up the wine and cheese one, but only if you can get there at the end of the day as I found myself needing a nap after all the wine :/

  3. Thanks Emily! I still can't believe you won this package!!! Glad you guys enjoyed. Definitely give us a call anytime if you have any questions!