Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mega Cake Update

I work with some wonderfully talented people! I have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to my peeps for all the hard work they do to make RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME cakes that continuously EXCEED my expectations....and of our clients of course!

If you have ever made a cake before baked from scratch and hand decorated every detail, then you have an appreciation for the time we put into creating our cakes. They are NOT just cakes to us...although we often say, "relax, it's just cake"...because really it is. But, each cake you take home with you means a little bit to us.

GRATITUDE and RESPECT to my team for your CREATIVITY, PATIENCE, HARD WORK, TIME...and did I mention patience? (harharhar)...Staff Yoga 2011 to de-stress!  We're just a small family run business and its because of the help we receive from family and friends that we are able to do our "jobs" the best that we can.

Our bakers: Albert, Eddie & MP

Our cake designers and assistants: Ais, MP, Brenna & Heather

Our Jack of ALL traits: Ken (manager, stand maker, 3D cake carver, email and phone answerer, grocery shopper, delivery man, accountant, web guy, photographer, cupcake name it!)...and yes, although he sometimes gets bogged down with answering emails, it's only because we get about 100+ per week, plus the loads of voice mails daily that he honestly tries to get back to each and every day!

MY OVER-time supporters, farmers market reps, cleaning crew, babysitters, front-end customer service : MOM & DAD Santos

Here is just a TEENY TINY peek at some of the cakes we've created over the last few months...ENJOY!

This is one hilarious Lego man!
Wedding cake inspired from our Bride's Dress.
Replica of the actual bags!
These were HUGE cakes!
My first standing Elephant!  Thanks for keeping me challenged, Florence!

If I could show you his actual collection of 8-tracks, you would FLIP out!  An entire garage full...too awesome!

Best baby shower cake design yet!

Beheaded, but still cute and delicious!

This might be the strangest request we've had...maybe.

Sassy Sheep

Too cool for school!

Rare buttercream covered cake in our midst, perfectly piped by Heather.
YAY for LUIGI! Everyone of us has now decorated a Mario Cake.  We can't tell you how refreshing it was to create a Luigi!
This was a 2 day process and took about 5 of us to complete.  We video taped us making this cake and it was insane!!!

Bride brought original inspiration for this cake from Papillon Cakes.

The bride brought in a similar photo for inspiration and we changed it a bit to make it more personal.  If I can find the original inspiration, I will definitely share it here.

This cake had a good and evil side!  Evil was too cool.

This cake was for  a SUPER TROOPER special girl!  In our prayers.

And we could not update our cakes without sharing a couple of our PURSES.

You might wonder what kind of cake I would have for my own birthday!  No, it wasn't a 3D replica of myself, haha.  I turned 31 at the end of September and this was my cake...small and simple!  Sorry to let you down, but when you're making cakes all the time, sometimes "simple" is all you need.
But don't call me asking for a simple cake...we don't do simple here! HAHA



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