Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas in November PART II

We've been in Jasper since last Friday and yesterday was the end of the mid-week package for Christmas in November at the Jasper Park Lodge. One more weekend package to go and our stay at JPL will be over.

We feel so blessed to part of this event.  The presenters (you can see all of them by clicking here) that we've had a chance to meet and get to know in the past few days have been awesome (to say the least). We've been having a lot of fun with these folks.

With Michael and Anna Olson.

Micah Dew...I'm waiting to take a photo of him showing off his Flair Bartending skills!
Joanne Blake: Style for Success!

Sushi Chef Brett Yasukawa teaches a hands on class on making sushi!

Chef at Home, Michael Smith:  Caramelizer!

Wolfgang Stamp: Wine and Cheese sessions

Dennis Yurkiwsky from Chocolate Exquistite samples 12 different single origin chocolates

Food Network Star Anna Olson with husband Michael Olson talk cheese! 
My sessions have been so much fun.  In 75 minutes, I teach some basic fondant techniques and make a personalized mini cake (oops, photo to come!), a couple of cute cupcake ornaments and how to make the most delicious chocolate cake truffle lollipops.  Since Friday, I've had 8 sessions and I have 4 more to go for the last package this coming weekend.

Showing everyone how to create our DELICIOUS cake truffles. Mmmmm....

I've had wonderful reviews and some kind words from the guests over the week and the best one so far?
"You should have your own show!  You have great charisma and are super cute!"  Thanks, Marilyn.

And the funniest comment so far?
"Oh!  You're the cake lady. I would rather see you than Michael Smith!"  I kid you not...and no offense to the Chef because I snuck into one of his sessions and it was great! This lovely lady had already met Michael Smith and joined one of his sessions last year, so that is why she said that...but it was too cute.

Here's some fun from the mid-week package.
12 days of Christmas has the entire Ballroom having fun!

The Spice Goddess, Bal Arneson teaches us some Bollywood style moves!

Kenna dances with a new friend!

Ken partying it up with Brett.

Great capture of Terry and Joanne!

There's Dawn from Bikini Boot Camp pulling everyone to the dance floor!

...And of course, some food we got to enjoy!

Breakfast at Cavell's...I could only eat 1/4 if the waffles!

...but I could take down MANY of these.  Candy Cane Martinis (recipe below)!

Herb crusted Mahi Mahi with coconut couscous and a mango pineapple salsa.

Fresh Berries 3 Ways: berry gelee, berry mousse and berry compote.

As I mentioned in my PART I blog, Kenna has become the most famous guest here!  She's been nearly kidnapped by the lovely ladies staying at the Lodge for being so stinkin' cute!  Everyone has been giving her so much attention that her confidence levels have gone sky high! Before we came to Jasper, Kenna was just learning to walk, now she has been walking around all by herself, socializing with guests and dancing the night away at the Galas.It's been amazing to see her confidence grow!

Trying to steal the stage from the Host.

She walks to greet the bears in the main lodge everyday!

Enjoying some fresh mountain air with mama!

Last (but certainly not least), I have to mention that the ladies have loving my hubby Ken.  He's been helping guests with their cameras and showing them how to use their cameras to take some wonderful scenery shots.  Here are a couple of Ken's shots from this week that I just LOVE!

View of the Main Lodge at dusk.

Canadian Geese are abundant here!  Here one is posing for Ken.

Rams playing on the side of Highway 16. 
Elk are everywhere on the property.  Usually out in groups early a.m. to greet me as I walk to the main lodge.

Ken had an afternoon photo session with Dawn and Lindsay.  So many great shots to choose from.  This is only one of many fabulous photos!  Good job Kenny!
 3 more days of fun fun fun, then it's back to REALITY! Oh boy...

1.5 oz. Russian Standard Vodka
0.5 oz. BOLS Peppermint
2 oz. White Cranberry Juice
shaken over ice, served in a grenadine-rimmed martini glass.


  1. it was a pleasure meeting you, ate ailynn and kuya ken. i wasnt able to bid kenna goodbye on the last brunch :( but im glad that she gives me five now, and would actually clap her hands when i say "yehey!". everyone's telling me that you have the most adorable daughter they've ever seen! come back to jasper when you get the chance to. i'm going to edmonton after my birthday next week and i'll find your store before i fly out for vacation. see you guys soon! - paula from banquets, Fairmont JPL

  2. Hi Paula,
    It was so nice to meet you too! Definitely come find us when you're in Edmonton! We'd love to chat again. Sorry you didn't get a chance to say bye to can visit her anytime!