Friday, February 3, 2012

Cake Love 2011

Yes. I know, this wonderful event took place in September and I am only blogging about it now.  What can I's been busy at the studio and life.  I really have been wanting to share this experience with you all.

In the fall, Aislinn and I took some time out near the end of the wedding season and headed out to Vancouver for their first EVER event, Cake Love YVR. It was soooo much fun! It was an entire weekend of learning new techniques and playing with cake, icing, fondant, and chocolate.
AMAZING cake display made by the hosts of Cakelove YVR
There's something about having NO PRESSURE to make something perfect for someone, that made this experience so much more engaging.

Ais and I trying to jak the cake in the hotel entrance!

The line up of instructors was amazing and it was so difficult to select the type of classes we wanted to take. For sure-when we go back this Fall we will sign up to learn from instructors we didn't get the chance to learn from this time around.  THIS IS HOW WE LEARN OUR CRAFT. We learn from those willing to teach us and make us better. This is why I also love teaching. Cake decorating shouldn't be some illusive secret-although the "how did they do that" element is always intriguing. Being able to learn from the best and from people you respect, helps us to love what we do even more.

Enjoy our photo journal of this amazing weekend!

This is Ruth Rickey! She's a fabulous instructor and MASTER at Lambeth Piping. This was a super quick intro into this traditional style of piping that I actually enjoyed!

While I was learning LAMBETH piping, Ais took a GREAT class on 3D cookies! Yup...3D cookies filled with CANDY! OMG. So cute.

Now, I NEVER play favourites (haha), but if I had to choose-Lauren Kitchens' sessions provided great EDUTAINMENT. I  love that she loves to SHARE her knowledge. And her sense of humour is, how shall I say...sarcastic but TRUE and HILARIOUS! My kind of style!

Ais made a muppet character of her sister!

Can you guess who mine was of?

Love this PHOTO!

Anne Heap of Pink Cake Box in NJ, was someone I really looked forward to meeting. I didn't necessarily NEED to learn anything from this class, but she's such a celebrity to me, that I had to take the class. Although, I was glad to have learned some new techniques for figure modelling.

 My pregnant lady

Lisa owns Flour Confections in Ontario and is an award-winning cake designer! I took her class as my ruffles and bows class from cake guru, Collette Peters was cancelled :( Lisa is SUPER talented and I love her design style...very chic.

Some fellow Edmontonians in the class! Woot...and one of my students as well! So fun.

Did I channel Chanel?

MONSTER CLASS! GOD, I LOVE MODELLING CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! Where have you been all my life! Ais and I couldn't stop ooohing and awwwing about it's wonderful quality.

My finished MONSTER!

My little Monkey loves fondant. She needs to develop a thick skin to be in this business...starting to train her at the age of 2!

During the weekend, we did take some personal time out to meet with family in Vancouver...

Do you recognize the beauty on the right? She's the model on most of our photos on the Whimsical site! And my twin! haha

Kenna got to hang out at the Aquarium with her Papa...

It was my mom's Birthday weekend, so we also got to celebrate with our cousins!

...and Ais and I got to spend some quality time together. 
WARNING...some of these photos may come as a shock, But they're all in good fun!

My personal FAVE!

This is how we are at work too...giddy until we run out of steam.

This how I look on work vacations...HAPPY ALL THE TIME!


  1. I LOVE these pics!! Thank you for taking me to Cake treat this year :)

  2. Looks like you had a blast. Looking into coming this fall. Would be nice to meet up maybe.

  3. Hi Juls! Definitely...we are looking foward to it again this year! Be sure to let me know if you decide to go too.

  4. As I have found wonderful designed cake from this source. These are really looking one of exceptional featured source to know about them. I am totally surprised to see this one. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for the kind words - I certainly think you channeled Chanel! See you in the Fall!