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High Culture Weddings & Special Events

The best part of the "business" side of my job is getting to know other people in the industry, working with these creative and talented individuals and even becoming friends with many  of them! I'm really excited to blog about Rebecca Fisher-Swarbrooke, Director and Lead Planner at High Culture: Weddings and Special Events Inc.

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She's got a spark! She's young, driven, and a true visionary when it comes to planning events and weddings. If you have been dreaming about your wedding since you were a little girl, she's the gal who can make it all happen! In her spare moments, you can find her blogging great ideas and putting together contests you don't want to miss out on, on her BLOG.  Be sure to also keep in touch on her FACEBOOK page where she will keep you up-to-date with current styles and wedding trends!  Not only does she run her own business, she is also the Executive Assistant to the Editor at BLUSH MAGAZINE Inc.

Eternal Reflections Photography
Photography: Eternal Reflections
 Rebecca was kind enough to answer some of my questions so that you can get to know her and her company, HIGH CULTURE, a little better. She is fascinating, talented, and a go-getter. Someone that many young entrepreneurs would love to get to know and be in awe of! 

Why did you start High Culture and how long have you been in business?

"I grew up in the hospitality industry, so I always say it’s in my blood! In December 2007, I completed my wedding planning course (a night course that I was taking while completing high school! Yes, you could say I’m eager!) and a few short weeks later, I was commissioned for my first wedding which took place six months later on Vancouver Island. In the Summer of 2008, I was hired for my second wedding which took place in the Autumn of 2009. I was happy to dabble with one wedding a year as I had also just begun my journey at the University of Alberta. I recall leaving my second wedding exhilarated and yearning for the next wedding — I didn’t have one booked yet! So, at that point, I knew that this was something that I wanted to officially pursue; I have been in business since the end of 2009."

Photography: Jessica Fern Facette

Is there a new trend that couples should be aware of for 2012?

"D├ęcor: In lieu of fresh flowers, or possibly mixed in, I think we’ll see many handcrafted bouquets that can be keepsakes — jewellery bouquets or paper flowers.
Fashion: Brides will be wearing either super short and flirty dresses or long, full, voluminous gowns — I particularly like Vera Wang’s recent collections which also incorporate soft colours. Bridesmaids are going to be seen in white or soft nude or pastel colours — see the Royal Wedding or the Kardashian wedding.

Reception: Couples are having more fun with their wedding cake — they’re creating stylized sweetscapes that incorporate the cake. Amy Atlas is a great source of inspiration." 

Photography: James Design Studios

Is there a particular theme that you would love to explore and haven't had the chance to yet?

"I am inspired by things that I see, hear, or read about, so I always have a notebook with me; when I become inspired, I make a note and these notes usually become the source of inspiration for stylized shoots that I design. I particularly enjoy designing collaborative photo shoots because they are a domain through which I can be completely creative and work with a unique team of colleagues who inspire me. They are especially compelling because I can then show a client the sphere of my creativity. I am currently working on a whimsical enchanted forest theme wedding; last year I designed a Futurama inspired wedding. There are truly no limits to creativity."

Photography: Erik Hornung Photography

What's your favourite part about planning weddings?

"I always tell my clients that as a designer, this is my most favourite part. Planning the wedding and selecting suitable vendors for the concrete elements that are a little less creative is the easiest part, so we tend to get these things done first. Then, we have fun with the design process. I believe that the design should be incorporated throughout all areas of the wedding; whether it is a colour palette or theme.

I believe that the most significant part of the wedding though is the ceremony. To see two individuals who are passionate about one another profess their love for each other in front of their families and friends is truly beautiful; it is inspiring."
Regarding Blush Magazine, how did you decide to start working with it? What are your hopes for the magazine?

"Through my education and first passion, I am a writer; I am incredibly enthusiastic about literature. I am considerably interested in editorial and supporting local businesses, so when I saw the progress that Blush had made from its very first issue to its fourth, I was intrigued to learn how I could potentially contribute to the publication. 

Najla Elwenni, a vibrant woman whom I have fortunately become friends with since working with the magazine, first launched the publication at the beginning of 2009. In September 2010 I e-mailed Najla to introduce myself, share with her my interest as a writer and a designer — I had designed three collaborative stylized shoots that would be taking place the following month and wanted to know if Blush would be interested in featuring them. Upon meeting with Najla, she shared that she wanted to contract me to design something specifically for Blush — the fashion shoot which would be featured on the cover and in a spread throughout the Spring | Summer 2011 issue. A few days following the shoot, I was asked to accompany her full time to share my knowledge of weddings and my creativity.

At first I was hesitant, because High Culture and Blush are very different and very separate businesses; however, I feel that because they compliment one another so nicely I have been able to balance both positions. I’m delighted that I said “yes” to the offer.

As for my hopes for Blush, I have many. I hope that brides and grooms pick up the magazine and become inspired. When I write the stories for the Featured Wedding section, I attempt to capture the essence of each individual couple. It is so important to incorporate unique elements of your love into your wedding. We are currently in the process of working on the next issue and while I can’t share what’s in the works, I can say that it’s going to be unbelievable!"

Thank you, Rebecca for sharing! I look always look forward to seeing what's new in the world of Weddings through your ideas and inspiration!
To make your DREAM WEDDING a REALITY, please contact High Culture: Weddings and Special Events. Inc.

Rebecca Fisher-Swarbrooke Director & Lead Planner | Coordinator | Designer

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