Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shandro Photo

Best Wedding Portrait of 2011
Professional Photographers of Canada Naitonals

I  love being able to say that we are friends with Award Winning Photographers! It makes me feel cool!  Husband and Wife team, Michael and Haley Shandro, are SHANDRO PHOTO. They've got it all...knowledge, expertise, experience, vision, talent, patience, and creativity! One look at the photos on their website or Blog and they will capture your heart. When I look at their of complete strangers and events, I always feel like I am actually there! Haley and Michael simply know how to capture true emotions and make those memories even more beautiful than you remember them to be!

I've gotten to know these amazing photographers over the past few years. I can honestly tell you that they have a work ethic second to none. Their family life is of the utmost importance to them and it is because of the love they have for their children and eachother that I believe they are able to bring this same emotion out in the photos they take of newly engaged couples, married couples, families, and children.

I'm just going to let the photos speak for themselves...and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Best Photojournalist Wedding Photo 2011
Professional Photographers of Canada Nationals

4th Place in Details
Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada Winter 2012

YUP! That cake is from Whimsical Cake Studio!
An oldie, but a goodie...and one of the first weddings we worked on together!
We are delighted that SHANDRO PHOTO has partnered with us for our 2012 Wedding Giveaways sure to "LIKE" them on Facebook and check out our WEBSITE for your chance to WIN $200 credit to use towards product or services with Shandro Photo.

Until Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th, 2012), you can enter their contest to WIN AN ENGAGEMENT SHOOT! Now, that's amazing! Details HERE.

Shandro Photo books up well in advance, so if you love them (and YOU WILL) make sure you contact right away. 

They offer local, National and International Wedding Photography Services, Children's Photography, and also have a Family Photography Studio.

Call or email to book your consultation

Phone: 780.423.1816


** If you book them for a Destination wedding, just be sure to remember to take me along too...I can figure out a way to pack a Wedding Cake!

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